dmff 2016 brochure front pageThe Dundee Mountain Film Festival is the UK’s longest continuous running mountain film festival. It showcases an international programme of speakers, as well as award winning films and exhibitions, held in  the Bonar Hall and, on Thursday, Discovery Point, Dundee. Details of the 2016 programme are below.

Tickets are now available on line, by post and from retail outlets. See our ticket page. The brochures are now available in the ticket retail outlets and the brochure can also be downloaded here.

banff tourThe films in the Friday evening and the Saturday afternoon sessions are from the Banff World Tour

Page updated 26 September 2016 

Thursday (24th) Evening – Tickets £10 - More details here

Jamie AndrewJamie Andrew - Nothing is Impossible! Jamie Andrew is the incredible Scottish mountaineer who, despite having no hands and feet,has made some amazing ascents all over the world. As a quadruple amputee, Jamie has also undertaken many other extraordinary achievements, whilst raising many thousands
of pounds for charity along the way. Believing that our greatest limitations are the ones we impose on ourselves, Jamie encourages others to throw out these misconceptions and to be all they can be, hoping that his experiences and achievements may in some way inspire the attitude to positively tackle the obstacles faced in life in order to achieve full potential.

This unique evening will present the opportunity of conversation, recollection, illustration,
and inspiration in the company of Scotland’s most remarkable mountaineer.



 Friday (25th) Evening – Tickets £12 - More details here

Greg BoswellThe evening opens with four films from the Banff World Tour including the "A Line Across The Sky" which won the Best Climbing Film Award at the Banff Mountain Festival.

Greg Boswell from Fife has in a short time established himself
as one of Scotland’s finest in the climbing scene, with a
particular penchant for winter conditions. Greg will talk about
the challenges of chasing winter around the world, some of his
favourite trips and experiences that have made up his climbing
career to date, including his recent “high profile” visit to



 Saturday (26th) Morning – Tickets £6 - More details here

robin campbellStarting with four brilliant and diverse films all made in Scotland or by Scottish film makers. After the interval, Robin Campbell will present the Annual Irvine Butterfield memorial Lecture on behalf of The Munro Society.

Robin Campbell will present an account of Harold Raeburn's life in climbing - the Master Mountaineer




 Saturday (26th) Afternoon – Tickets £10 - More details here

felicityThe second programme of the Banff World Tour. Another seven high action films screening “way out” activities not for the faint hearted. This is followed by Felicity Aston MBE,  author, speaker, expedition leader and former Antarctic scientist.

In 2012 she became the first woman to ski alone across Antarctica. It was a journey of 1744km that took 59 days to complete and which gave her a place in the book of Guinness World Records.

This afternoon Felicity will present Alone in Antarctica. At the end of November 2011, Felicity set off from the coast of Antarctica on the Ross Ice Shelf to cross the entire continent on skis by herself. Ahead of her was a 1744km (1084 mile) journey through the Transantarctic mountains, across the Polar Plateau to the South Pole then on to the far coast of Antarctica.


Saturday (26th) Evening – Tickets £15 - More details here

andyThree films. Bouldering, climbing and skiing, but not the usual bouldering climbing and skiing films!

Then our main event. Andy Kirkpatrick specialises in pitting himself against vertical climbs of over 1000 metres often in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees and sometimes even with Alex Jones the TV presenter.! Andy presents the Loneliness of the Long Distance Soloist. Epic, funny, entertaining and probably some swearing.